Kathleen O'Mara & Nicole Matarese

Hi! Welcome to the first Laugh At Her Newsletter, where we’ll feature a few women in comedy every week. I hope you enjoy this and that it becomes a useful community building tool. Or maybe it’ll end up in spam. Who knows!

This week, we’re featuring two hard-working writer/comedians that I know personally, and can vouch for. They’re great, and here’s why:

Kathleen O’Mara

First and foremost let me be very clear: Kathleen is fucking great. She’s written for Boogiemanja and Magnet sketch teams, regularly gets her satire work published, and her Twitterfeed is fire. She’s involved in what seems like every part of the New York sketch comedy scene, which means you all probably know her - and if you don’t, you should! She’s written for McSweeney’s, Above Average, The Hard Times, Little Old Lady, and Pencilmation.

Kathleen is also just a really great pal: she’s happy to pass along industry intel, forwards late nite packets whenever she can, and gives really great feedback on work.

You can find Kathleen on social media at:

Insta: @kathkato

Twitter: @Omararules

Nicole Matarese

Nicole might be the one of the busiest people I’ve ever met. The bio she sent me listed three sketch teams: Steve’s Hard Milk (PIT), Parachute Pants (The Armory), and Roller Snakes (Indie). She produces and hosts monthly PIT shows “New Kids On The Prov” and “Author’s Intention.” A staged reading of Nicole’s full length play “Iceberg” was recently produced  by Ampersand Theater Co.

Aside from all of her killer projects, Nicole is also just an incredibly kind human: she once saw my improv team do a terrible set and still invited us to do her show at the PIT. She’s the type of person you meet and immediately think, “that lady’s going places,” and honestly, I can’t wait to see where her career takes her

You can find Nicole on social media at:

Insta: @nicole.matarese

Twitter: @nicole_matarese

Upcoming Events

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    • Tuesday May 28, 7:00 pm

    • Niagra 112 Avenue A  

  • Late Nite Packet Jam

    • Wednesday May 29, 10:30pm

    • UCB Hell’s Kitchen, 555 W 42nd

  • Her-icane: All Women+ Standup Comedy For Disaster Relief

    • Friday May 31, 10pm

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News Brief, I Guess

Can we take a moment and talk about Sophie Turner being the queen that none of us deserve? Every week there are piles and piles of bad news being reported, and then she comes out here and does something just *chef’s kiss.*  

Like chugging her wine on the jumbotron at a Rangers game.

Or how about when she got married by an Elvis Impersonator, and exchanged Ring Pops with Joe Jonas.

Or, most recently, how a bitch got bangs!?

Sophie is out here being unapologetically herself and lets the world deal with it. She is a bright light in an otherwise dark, desperate pit of despair, and for that I salute her.


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