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Hi! Welcome! I’m glad to see you. It’s been a big week: everyone is busy and has a lot going on. So thanks for taking the time to read this and learn about women in comedy! I appreciate it. Hopefully it’s been a good networking tool, or at least you’ve followed some new folks on Twitter. If not, no sweat!

Summer is a weird time. You want to be active but also sit in the air conditioning all day, and honestly - I get it. Full disclosure, once my AC is installed for the season, I don’t leave the house. Not sorry. Here is a festive seasonal photo I did not take or get permission to use. Again, not sorry.

Laura LeeLun

I can’t wait to tell all of you about Laura LeeLun! Laura is a recovering lawyer based in Chicago and let me tell you, her Twitter feed is very funny. She is also incredibly busy: she’s currently working on her pilot, writes satire pieces regularly, and submits sketches to her IO Comedy Network team Secret Lawyer. She’s involved with Improv Olympic and Second City, which means she is much cooler than me.

Laura also co-hosts the weekly podcast Riff Raff Revolution, which talks about under-represented performers; it’s starting it’s third season and you should check it out here. I read over some of Laura’s satire writing and let me tell you - this gal is funny and very smart. If you haven’t already, you should check out Laura’s work!

You can find Laura on Twitter at:




Upcoming Events

  • Don’t Call Me Sweetie: An All Female & LGBTQ Open Mic

    • June 17, 8pm

    • EastVille Comedy Club, 487 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

  • Improvised Buffy

    • June 18, 7pm

    • Kraine Theater, 85 E 4th St

  • A Queer Erotica Salon

    • June 21, 11:59pm

    • UCB HK, 555 W 42 St

News Brief I Guess

Am I the only one concerned about all of the female-driven tv shows that are ending this year? To recap, this year alone we’ve already lost Broad City, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Veep, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Jane The Virgin, not to mention Orange Is The New Black, and The Good Place, which are ending after their next seasons. Maybe it’s just me likely watching too much television, but that’s a lot of female-driven content no longer on the air.

I guess the good side is that all of these shows ending leaves room for new content to take its place. But I worry there will be fewer female creators, and fewer female leads, because the world is a mess and is apparently still run by white men. Hopefully a new, exciting generation of writers and creators will step up, and I desperately hope they’ll bring diversity and inclusion to the writers rooms, creative teams and casts.

Also still very sad about Broad City and Crazy Ex Girlfriend ending and I’m not sorry for bringing it up now. RIP.


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