Nat Torres & Emily Elizabeth Jones

Hi! How was your week? I hope you’re well. It’s late spring: allergies are subsiding, the sun is shining, and most of all, Pride Month is in full force! IMHO, it’s literally the most wonderful time of the year.

Here is a neat link where you can find Pride events around the world and near you!

Nat Torres

Wowowow, I’m pumped to tell you about Nat Torres! Nat is a writer & standup comic based in LA, making the rounds in the indie comedy scene. They’ve been in LA less than a year, but good lord, Nat’s taking it by storm! Most recently, you might have seen them in Funny on Paper at The Ruby, LA (which you can listen to here in podcast form!)

Nat also just finished a stint of working at Jill Soloway's company TOPPLE (so they're proven #feminist and #gay.) Nat identifies as a nonbinary, queer Mexican American dummy who loves writing and making absurdist comedy with a heart. Direct quote from Nat: “in addition - I'm looking to do more shows and I'd love to do yours! Book me, it's pride month so it's homophobic if you don't” and honestly they make a solid point. In summation, I’m goddam pumped to know Nat Torres and am looking forward to seeing their standup career progress

You can find Nat on social media at:

Twitter: @mxnatalietorres

Insta: @nataliesnorres

Emily Elizabeth Jones

Maybe I say this about everyone, but I’m so happy to be talking to you about Emily Jones. Emily is a sketch writer and comedic musical theater actor, and frankly, she’s just the coolest. She’s currently finishing a run of The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley at Playhouse on the Park and is moving to sunny California later this year - so look out for her this fall, west coasters!

Aside from being an incredibly talented writer / performer, Emily is also cool AF. I’ve worked with her on comedy sketches and she’s always down for the boldest, funniest choice. We once did Summer stock theater together and it was the wildest time of my whole life. In case you need more convincing that she’s a down-ass-bitch, this is our friend @SamUrdang beatboxing her name just because it seemed right.

Emily is a dope, funny friend, and you should get to know her!

You can find Emily on social media at:

Twitter: @e_jonesyy

Insta: @emily.elizabeth.jones

Upcoming Events

  • New Kids On The Prov

    • Sunday June 9, 7pm

    • The PIT Striker, 123 E 24th st

  • Two Kevins

    • Friday June 14, 7:30pm

    • The Well, 272 Meserole St, Brooklyn

  • Queer Comedy Festival

    • Saturday June 22

    • The Ruby, Los Angeles, 7518 Sunset Blvd

News Brief I guess

STOP EVERYTHING you’re doing and listen up, because this is a public fucking service announcement. I recently learned that Billie Lourd, ie. this queen from American Horror Story and Star Wars, is Carrie Fisher’s actual daughter. Did you know? Because I was today years old when I found out, and I am shooketh.

I’m a pretty solid fan of Billie’s - as in, I love her in everything, even when the latest season of AHS was garbage - and I had no idea about this until I was looking up some info about Booksmart (again, if you haven’t seen it, you should.) When I went to see The Last Jedi, I was so excited to see her there. HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO IGNORANT. SO NAIVE. WHAT HAVE I DONE. I had no idea of the poignancy of the situation and I will never forgive myself. Maybe this isn’t actual “news,” but Jesus Christ, people need to know that Billie Lourd is royalty.

God damn it.


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Happy Pride!